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We provide a range of beautifully made leather Squeaky Shoes for pre-walkers, early walkers and toddlers.
The quality of our
Squeaky Shoes is exceptional. We provide next day delivery and FREE shipping within the UK!

Squeaky Shoes are specially designed to encourage early walkers to take those first few steps and progress confidently on to walking everywhere, then running and jumping!

A few good reasons to buy a pair of Squeaky Shoes from us:

  • Squeaky Shoes do just what it says on the tin, they make an adorable little squeaking noise with each step - children just love them! 
  • Squeaky Shoes are tons of fun for all the family. The delight on your child's face will be obvious.
  • Squeaky Shoes motivate the pre - and early walker, you can see them concentrating on their little feet. They are also invaluable for visually impaired children to become more confident in their walking and stimulate babies with mobility difficulties to move and explore and have fun while doing so.
  • Security - When they wear Squeaky Shoes you will always know where your little one is - let them explore, you'll be able to hear exactly where they are.
  • Our Squeaky Shoes are stylish and look beautiful. They are made of the softest breathable leather with generous width fittings to allow for plenty of toe room. They have flat, flexible and non-slip soles, non restricting ankles and are all water - repellent.
  • Our squeakers are glued into the shoe which ensures complete safety for your child.
  • Squeaky Shoes make fantastic gifts, so if you buy a pair for a special little someone, we will be happy to gift wrap it for you.

    'Mum and dad's feet don't squeak, I must have magic feet!'

  • Shipping is FREE within the UK, so the price you see is all you pay.

    Our payment transactions are securely handled by PayPal and remember you do not have to register with PayPal to shop with us. We are able to accept payment in US Dollars, Euros and

    Australian Dollars through our payment gateway, PAYPAL, which will automatically convert your payment to Pounds Sterling. We are also happy to accept postal orders sent to our contact address.

    Once the transaction has been completed you will be redirected to the site and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

    See our section on sizing to ensure you buy the right size for your child.

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